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Archaeological exhibition
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Archaeological exhibition

An archeological exhibition organized by the Cultural Heritage Protection Office and coordinated by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia that provided the finances for the investigations in the field of archaeology in 2008, was opened yesterday in the Museum of Macedonia .

The exhibition Macedonian Archaeology 2008 was opened by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. In his speech he underlined: The Government of the Republic of Macedonia supported these capital investigation endeavors because it believes that the archaeological sites and the other cultural and historical values contain the fundaments of the present and the future. Each exhibit reveals the spirit of our past, but mostly speaks of the history, the tradition and the specifics of this country. The Government of the Republic of Macedonia will continue to strongly support the culture also in 2009, and as Prime Minister Gruevski said, there will be activities at 15 sites. The sites Marvinci, Heraclea and Skopje Fortress (Kale) should be completely investigated in a period of one year, while the site Stobi in three.

The results of the archaeological investigations from Skupi, Taor, Stobi, Stibera, Heraclea , Plaoshnik, Engelana, the necropolises of Marvinci, Vardarski Rid, Carevi Kuli, Vinica Kale, Isar-Shtip, Bargala-Shtip, Kastelo at Kozhle and Tetovo Kale were presented at the exhibition.

A part of the discovered artifacts from these sites are exhibited in the Museum of Macedonia and they attracted a great number of interested visitors (archaeologists and archaeology amateurs).

At the opening of the exhibition, there was also an address by the Director of the Museum of Macedonia , Meri Pejoska Anicin, as well as by the Director of the Cultural Heritage Protection Office, Pasko Kuzman. In his speech, Mr. Kuzman underlined: If someone constantly attacks and mucks you, you should respond by doing him a favor. This is the only way for the hope to destroy the Macedonian syndrome of self-destruction. If we are persistent in doing so, we can be hopeful that we would eradicate the hatred among us and that we will succeed in being unique at least for the crucial issues in our country, in our fatherland. Pasko Kuzman also announced a new archaeological raid in 2009 in the Republic of Macedonia .

This year, about two and a half thousand people and about 400 experts, archaeologists, art historians and conservators worked at the archaeological sites throughout the country.


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