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The first session of the training on digitization of cultural heritage.
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Center for Digitization of Cultural Heritage

Identifying the need of training in the field of digitization of cultural heritage, and within the activities for functioning of the Center for Digitization of Cultural Heritage (opened in Skopje with financial support from the Italian government and supervision from the Sector for Culture of UNESCO-Bresce from Venice), in the period between 10 and 19.09.2008 was held the first session of the training on digitization of cultural heritage. The training, whose goal was the introduction of the participants in the key issues related to digitization and digital approach to cultural heritage, was visited by 20 professionals from the institutions for protection of cultural heritage, libraries and museums from Macedonia . The training covered several topics, related to the management of the digitization process, the technical guidelines for creation of digital content for cultural heritage, terminology and basic concepts, image capture, file formats, key issues for digital preservation, instruments and methods for digitization of cultural heritage (selection of the digitization material, systems for digitization, planning and development of databases, usage of I-software etc.).

The training which was organized in cooperation with experts from Minerva and trainers from Italy – experts in their fields, enabled the assessment and gave an overview of the current state-of-the-art in the field of digitization of cultural heritage in the heritage protection institutions in Macedonia .

As a “project assignment”, the participants were asked at the end of the training, to start in their institutions, the process of digitization and forming of the existent database, as one of the basic ways of forming a common database for the cultural heritage of the Republic of Macedonia .

In the upcoming period, it is foreseen a training for representatives of the heritage protection institutions from Southeast Europe , thus emphasizing the regional dimension of the Center for digitization.

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